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The education

Within the last 3 decades we finally realised how important nutrition is for wellbeing of humans.
The same goes for animals. Like with humans obesity and other nutrition related problems has now become an epedemic character.
Based on that background the Veterinary Nutrition Center has worked on formalising an education, that for the first time gives you the opportunity to grab up the theoretical and practical knowledge, to be able to provide qualified service and guidance when it comes to nutrition of animals.
After having graduated the title of being a Veterinary Nutrition Therapist (VNT) can be used with pride.

Until now we haven’t met a formalised education looking into nutrition in such a broad and scientific way. The VNT education can be seen as sort of dietary nutritionist for animals. You get the opportunity to gather comprehensive theoretical and practical knowledge regarding feeding animals no matter wether pets, livestock or zoo animals.
What makes this education so unique is that you at the same time get knowledge in other fields of veterinary work, covering from basic knowledge of how to support a veterinarian treatment, supporting a massage therapist work and osteopathic work.

The education is in no way designed to hand out veterinary medical diagnosis or to guide in medical treatments, as those fields of work is reserved to trained and authorised spezialised personnel.

As a Veternary Nutrition Therapist (VNT) you are exclusively trained to communicate about feeding and nutrition.
Any kind of treatment of animals is ALWAYS to be relayed to a veterinarian.

By having teachers specialized in their different fields of knowledge, we assure that you as a trainee gets the strongest possible foundation to the work effort you provide every day after the final exam.

The international version of the education is build on 3 modules consisting of 40 sessions divided on 4 days each. Summing up a 120 session long fully packed education. Every second day of the each module a written exam has to be passed.
Beyond the modules it must be expected to put in the same amount of effort between the modules. This is of course supported by the provoder of the education.